Brainspotting Travel Trip Intensive - COSTA RICA

December 1 - December 5, 2021 • 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Seminar Overview

The Brainspotting (BSP) Intensive was devised by David Grand, founder and developer of BSP to provider the ultimate learning experience for BSP therapists. The registration is capped at 10 participants and the schedule is five full consecutive days. How would you like to learn and heal in a relaxed, calm environment? Do you like to travel? Brainspotting Travel trips can combine the Brainspotting intensive experience along with travel.

There are ten experientials in the center of the group with each participant being the therapist once and client once. Cherie will sit next to the therapist and personally teach by guiding the therapist in the most attuned, technically advanced and innovative BSP process. Afterwards, each session is debriefed extensively in the group and this enhances everyone's learning process. In sum, the Intensive is a master class in developing skills as an advanced clinical BSP therapist. This is also a qualified path to achieving Brainspotting certification provided the Brainspotter has 50 documented Brainspotting sessions.

Payment / Refund Policy

To set up a payment arrangement and hold your spot a $1,000 deposit is required with total payment due by August 1st 2021. 100% refund if canceled prior to October 1st 2021 minus $75 administrative fee.

Additional details: Flight, accommodations and food are an additional cost.

Accommodations & food: $800 includes both accommodations and food arriving evening November 30th and departing morning December 6th. This is for staying on site where the intensive will be.

Villa Inti Wasi in San Mateo Costa Rica is a intimate retreat place housing 10 people for the intensive (Website and pictures to come soon). Some rooms are dormitory style. There is a plan to take a half day and visit the waterfalls in the area. All CDC guidelines will be followed. As it stands right now a 72 hr COVID test prior to going and coming back is mandatory. We are making arrangements to make sure we will get everyone tested prior to coming back into the United States if it continues to be necessary in December 2021.


Event - $2,000.00