Cherie Lindberg

My purpose in life is to share the knowledge of how we can heal ourselves. We are powerful beyond our wildest dreams! Learning to go inside ourselves to connect to our stories, we can heal, release, rebuild, realign to bring hope and inspiration into our lives. I teach therapists, coaches, body workers and healers about holding space for themselves and their clients. We focus on supporting our clients and professionals in transforming their lives. Pay it forward, heal it forward for generations to come! Connection to conscious self and connection to others saves lives.

I have over 20 years in the human development field. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Nationally Certified Counselor and I am a Brainspotting Trainer and Consultant. My experience and additional education includes: training in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Ego State Therapy, and certification in Imago Relationship Therapy.

My specialties include performance enhancement for professionals, life transitions, personal growth, anxiety disorders, marital therapy, stress management, PTSD, and ego state therapy.

In reflecting on my life thus far, I now realize it is my life purpose to support and inspire people in waking up (being conscious and present). Learning to intentionally stay connected to self, relationships and community keeps us all moving toward well-being and a fully enlivened life.

~ Cherie Lindberg