Welcome to Get Connected Counseling & Consulting. This journey began over 8 years ago to build a conscious business to provide services that would support people in learning about connecting (waking up) to themselves, family and community. We wanted to support people in moving toward well-being and understanding that every person is powerful and that they can do a lot to change their life circumstances. The Counseling wing of the business provides educational, counseling, workshops and group services to adults and couples that are based on cutting-edge, brain-body, relational-based psychotherapies that are connected to healing the mind, body, spirit. These methods incorporate the latest research in neuroscience.

The Consulting wing of the business provides educational, mentoring and consulting services to licensed professionals that want to get training and certification in Brainspotting. We also provide consultation to businesses and professionals looking to break through to the next level of high performance. We are all more powerful then we realize. Get Connected is here to teach and support you in transforming your life to the one you were meant to live. Contact us to find out more.